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who we are

SmartRoadshows   is Mediatree's virtual service offering when traditional, physical IR activity is not an option or simply when face to face interaction is not required. Our team brings you seamless Virtual Roadshows, Hybrid Roadshows, Webcasts and Virtual Events that can compel and engage sophisticated international audiences.

Today, our clients from the Investor Relations community are having to adapt to alternative investor communication platforms in a socially distanced world. They need strategic solutions and tools that don’t compromise important messages and ongoing investor facing efforts.  They want their audiences to stay connected and engaged and their investor communication efforts to deliver positive outcomes and adhesion from the markets.

artRoadshows    offers our clients pioneering financial event and investor communication solutions to transition the new normal. 





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challenges you face



SmartRoadshows    was created in a response to the difficulties that our clients were facing in light of face to face investor meetings no longer being the norm. The challenges IR teams continue to face include:

Coordinating multiple links from different investment firms and brokers. This can lead to a challenging and frustrating user experience for management and often delays the starts to meetings and subsequently the productivity of those meetings.


Delivering results presentations, company updates, AGMs, LPACs and other staples of the IR calendar have to be given virtually and these pose technical problems and headaches that need cost-effective, low-stress solutions.

The less frequent investor facing events - Investor Days, Capital Markets Days, Strategy Days etc. - now also have to be virtual. The challenge here is maintaining the impact, engagement and interactivity that you get from the physical versions of these landmark events when it is being viewed in isolation through a phone, tablet or computer screen.

Now that the face to face interaction is limited, further emphasis is placed on the presentation material for investor meetings. It needs to be cleaner, more visually engaging and cleverly put together to hold the attention of investors during virtual one on ones, group meetings and conferences.





solutions we provide



SmartRoadshows    is comprised of 4 key services:

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virtual /



A Virtual Roadshow has no face to face meetings and no travel, just video or audio meetings. A Hybrid Roadshow is a combination of travel to face to face meetings and video meetings. Both are managed through a bespoke platform that gives a complete overview of the roadshow schedule and related documents as well as centralising the links to the virtual meetings.

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webcast solutions

Mediatree offers Webcasting solutions with functionality, interactivity and branding options to cater for the  requests we receive from our clients for their results presentations, conferences, etc.

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The Mediatree production team has developed a suite of options for any virtual event depending on the scale, complexity and levels of interactivity required by our clients for the key moments of their stakeholder communication calendar (CMD's, AGMs, Results etc.)

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Mediatree have an in house design team that is well versed in creating slick, compelling designs that maximise the engagement with and impact of investor facing presentations. The service comprises of a new, easy to use and adopt template and as much support on the design of the individual decks as is needed to exceed expectations and meet deadlines.

track record

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To find out more about SmartRoadshows   , how we can make your digital solutions stand out and the tools that exist to bring your investor communication to life, please get in touch via the form below or by emailing us directly at